dedicated to the 250th Birthday Anniversary of 

Ludwig Van Beethoven



WE INVITE TO  PARTICIPATE IN OUR COMPETITION  instrumentalists (piano, strings, winds), vocalists and chamber ensembles all nationalities age 5 to 26

GOLD AND SILVER MEDALS WINNERS will be invited for professional video recordings in NY area to commemorate piano works of Ludwig Van Beethoven.  

WINNERS will receive medals and certificates. 

The concert venue and date for competition winners will be announced separately


The application must contain the following:

A)  Competition’s Registration Form 

Ensembles’ members need to submit a registration form individually.

B) YouTube recordings

C) Application Fee

Application Deadline: January 10, 2020

Applicants will be notified via email of their result no later than February 20, 2020.


YouTube auditions are open to pianists all nationalities and are divided into the age categories between 5 and 26: Group A (Age 5 – 6),  Group B (Age 7 – 8),  Group C (Age 9 – 10),  Group D (Age 11 – 12), Group E (Age 13-14), Group F (Age 14 – 15),  Group G (Age 16 – 18), Group H (Age 18-26).

Recorded performances need be sent as a link to YouTube ( in rare cases can be mailed as a DVD).


Competition participants need to perform two pieces by  Ludwig van Beethoven.

VIDEO RECORDS (Submission Quality Guidelines)

YouTube recording should be fair representations of the Applicant’s abilities.

• The recordings are not required to be of professional quality. 

• All applicants must perform from memory (except Ensemble) and no-repeat

• The recording must be clearly labeled with your name.

• The recording must be free of background noise and distortion.

Application Fee: $130 Deadline: January 10, 2020 All fees are not refundable

Mailing checks, money orders 1) Payments by mail need to include: a) Checks (from a US based financial institution) or money orders (international money order)  issued to AADGT. b) A cover letter with the Applicant’s Name, e-mail address and the date on-line application was submitted. Mailing Address AADGT 8 Brookwood Road New Rochelle, NY 10804